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                A Very Positive External Signal For The Future Of Our Planet And Ourselves?  


On the first, 'Home' page I have tried to demonstrate how the Heelstone at Stonehenge can be used to locate the Cosmic source of the external intelligence that instigated the design and construction of the monument.  On this 'signals' page I describe the properties of the radio signal that, hopefully, will soon be detectable as arising from that point.  Taken together these two facts should be sufficient to confirm the existence of intelligent civilization that is external to our planet, Earth.  And then, hopefully for the future, take us forward into positive contact between our separate worlds.  If my results and conclusions from this work concerning Stonehenge are correct then this can only point to a very positive outlook for the future of the human race and our Planet.  


This Stonehenge story and the hope for this web-site is that ultimately it  will lead to the origin and source of the intelligence that was without doubt present on our planet in ancient times and led to the creation of our most famous megalithic monument.  It seems so obvious to me that there is so much advanced data and knowledge designed into Stonehenge and the construction, in very subtle ways, is so astonishingly accurate that there is no way that a primitive society, however 'smart' could have derived and manipulated such knowledge and the numbers involved without external help.  Therefore there must have been such help and it must have had an origin somewhere, notwithstanding the fact that there has always been a deep-seated fear amongst the mass of our academics at even asking the questions; - 'When and from where did such knowledge come?'

Following that line of reasoning, it leads to the broader question of why?  Why was the monument contemplated, designed, built, effectively completed?  And again there seems only one likely reason why high intelligence would instigate this.  On the home page I have described how the Heelstone leads to one single point in our sky.  And how, astronomically, this same point can be described numerically by interpreting the form of the Trilithon horseshoe as a binary - digital - expression.  There is no other point in the sky to come from these two complementary routes - no ambiguity.  High intelligence wanted to leave their home location for us to find at a point in our own development when we had the knowledge, devices, and urge to understand. 


For millennia human knowledge has scanned the heavens in search of a positive identification of a location that would confirm that ' we are not alone'.  Whether tacitly and shyly for fear of ridicule by' clever' experts who would rubbish anybody for thinking along these lines.  Or , as is at long last happening, by trained astronomers with technologically highly developed modern astronomical equipment and the support of other scientific disciplines.  Hunting for 'little green men' is suddenly O.K., good, acceptable, 'everybody's doing it'.  


The mood has changed and the vibe has changed.  At last science finally coincides with religion / faith / belief  that, indeed, 'we are not alone'.  Perhaps if so many can begin to agree we might finally prove it!

It follows that the celestial point that is now identified from the Stonehenge Heelstone is likely to be exactly that which astronomy now seeks.  Further, it follows that, if this is correct and is followed through, then there is very likely to be intelligence out there waiting to detect when the link is finally made - us to them - just waiting for humans to complete their part of the job!  Currently the 'vibe' to seek seems to be gaining momentum here on Earth.  We can only hope that astronomy takes all of this seriously and gets on with the job! 


On the Home page I made a case for the celestial point that appears to be shown on the Heelstone  -  the location  -  the 'where' that we might find external civilization.  On this page I put forward my suggestion for the nature of a signal that we should seek.  Again the source for this is Stonehenge, in this case the binary expressions provided by some of the other stone formations as detailed on 'Home Page'.  It seems only common sense that this information would also be made available, but, again, only to our civilization when it becomes sufficiently technologically competent.  Thus we have been left with a complete 'directory' to finally establish that 'we are not alone'.  Stonehenge is now seen to stand as a 'calling card' for an external and higher intelligence.  This is the search for external civilization signals. 

Radio Signals

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Stonehenge components-stone numbers8-7-23_edited.jpg
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SUMMARY Part D                           COMMENT

(a) It is clear from the original manner and form in which the two separate number groups (3) and (4) are displayed in the original monument, that group (4) is far more significant and should have far more priority than group (3).  This helps to confirm that the value 7.68614.... x 109 is the objective of this process. 


(b) I have to make assumptions (hunches) to proceed.  (This applies to just about any new idea, theorem, thesis, of life.)  It is how progress is made and this has been so since the beginning of the human race.  Only final testing of the application of this work can prove one way or the other.  Fortunately such testing should be far easier than the alternative currently in hand with SETI, Breakthrough, etc.  The technology is now to hand.  The scanning equipment is now in place.  It just requires the will. 


This following section was compiled before I became aware that searching has now become spread across a wider part of the frequency spectrum and therefore some of the sentiment expressed is now super-ceded and I apologise in advance.  However there are several points here raised that I think are still very relevant and therefore, as an interested layman, I have left in the full passage. 


The overview - Is the search currently out-dated?


Has it ever been queried that the H2 radio frequency at circa 1.42 GHz is the correct frequency for a search?  C. 50 years of searching at this frequency have resulted in just about zero result. Is this not almost conclusive proof that this frequency is wrong?  Does this not prove that there is nobody out there transmitting our way at this frequency - or that there is nobody out there at all?  Two options - one may be correct.  I submit that this search frequency is wrong.  I fear that much time and very much money will yield nothing at this frequency.  They may be wasted while we all grow older! 


 There seem to be two choices - either continue to search a frequency zone that has yielded nothing so far, obtaining enormous data streams to be analysed by very expensive experts with very powerful computing power, and still have the same zero result in ten, twenty, thirty years forwards. 


Or else, imaginatively, consider other aspects, other reasons why a more advanced civilization might be transmitting on a frequency elsewhere that may seem seem to us to be too high tech. but that may not be so to them.  SETI has done much, over these 50 years, to launch and establish the idea and the means of exploring for alien intelligence.  To condition the human psyche generally to expect alien civilization out there.  But it may now be time to take a fresh look at possibilities and look elsewhere on the radio spectrum.

Presumably the search is for a technologically advanced civilization.  By implication this suggests the use of radio waves at and above the earlier ability of Earth technology.   



Also, by implication, an advanced civilization transmitting signals that would eventually be received by another up-and-coming civilization may have worked out for themselves that the recipient civilization (Earth) would reach a point where :-    (a) Their own radio transmission at many levels would crowd the obvious parts of the spectrum.  (b)  It would be wise if the recipient civilization (Earth) did not receive / register / identify, external, in-coming transmission easily until they were sufficiently technologically mature to receive and cope with the new knowledge of such external civilization.  After all, if and when an advanced alien existence is confirmed, it is going to be a tremendous shock to our present-day Earth-bound psyche, both individually and collectively.  There could be unpredictable and possibly unpleasant reaction amongst Earth population.  

If this all seems 'wordy' it is because the implications of this imminent discovery by Earth are very great.  The resulting effects may be unpredictable!  This knowledge of other, more advanced civilization may well be 'Earth-shattering' in some quarters, not least amongst some very dogmatic and rigid adherents to some faiths / religions of which, even in this modern day and age, there are probably many, many millions in total. 


In 2023 we cannot fail to be only too well aware of the effect of extreme religious belief amongst even comparatively small numbers of our human race within our current era. To release proof of superior intelligence, advanced aliens within contact distance in our galaxy could be potentially to demolish at a stroke the ancient faiths and beliefs of millions around the world.  Have the people at SETI considered that an advanced alien civilization would have worked out that 'softly softly', 'slow and careful' was an essential policy towards us?  By implication, making the technological progress required to make contact 'not too fast and easy' has given Earth chance to begin to accept when contact is made.  These are some of the considerations that need to be reflected upon by SETI searchers and those who would lead them. 

I have a very specific, very exact frequency value to submit for investigation.  It was compiled and described some time before Frank Drake and the SETI movement began.  It has been sitting, unnoticed, for some years and should now be investigated.  As it is a specific value the cost in man-hours and money should be miniscule compared to the present potential outlay.





CHAPTER 3                A Different Route    

Since writing the previous pages based upon the calculations with the two large number groups, modified with a factor of 3 to convert the one to the other, there have been some details that have bothered me.  Therefore I have re-worked the maths via a slightly different route.  

The basic wave formula is:--  lam = v / f    where lam = wavelength (metres),

v = velocity of light in vacuo (metres / sec.);  f = frequency (Hz or cycles / sec.)

The formula can be varied to;   f = v / lam;   or v = lam f

These can then be modified to;  1 / v = 1 / lam f which then becomes  lam f / v = 1

The values now used are; f = (7.68614 x 109) Hz (cycles / sec.)

                                               lam is derived using lam = v / f.      lam = (3.9 x 10 -2) m

                                               v = (2.997925 x 108) metres / sec.

The equation is; (3.9 x 10-2) x (7.68614 x 109) / (2.997925 x 108)

                                                =   (2.997595 x 108) / (2.997925 x 108)  =  1

(Difference above or below is insignificant and the result is effectively correct.)

This has clarified the problem because we now have;

                                              (metres) x (Hz or cycles / sec.) / (metres / sec.)

which gives                         (--------) x (Hz or cycles / --- .) / (-------- / --- .)

This calculation has eliminated the significance of metres and seconds as they can now be cancelled leaving us only with cycles (or waves) of electromagnetic radiation.  The same basic calculation can be carried out using the values for wavelength and velocity of light in any system of units but the result will be the same.  Regardless of where we are in the galaxy and what units of measure our particular civilization has derived to measure physical phenomena, these waves exist and are out there somewhere travelling at the speed of light from point A to point B.  I believe that they exist and that we are now ready to intercept them as point B.  I believe that I have identified point A on the previous 'Home' page of this web-site.   

From the calculation above, it cannot now be argued that my original result for frequency of 7.686 GHz was based upon arbitrary modern units.  The only factor within the calculation that needs to stand alone is the frequency, which is a natural, universal, physical phenomena of wave propagation and transmission.  The only 'introduced' value is the value that I am using for frequency of 7.68614 GHz.  This value is obtained directly from the old 'text' that I have used and is the only number group of significance for this particular context within that text, purely because of its form, and the way by which it can be fitted into the processes that I have described within these pages.     

This number is now available to be tested.


CHAPTER 4           Yet Another Route

Having introduced a value for the wavelength (3.9 cm) derived from the frequency of 7.686143 GHz, it seems worthwhile to return to the original form of the 'text' (monument) to seek this wavelength value within the actual physical design.  (For example;- if I had been involved in creating the original design and embedding the amount of information already shown within the numbers, I would certainly have attempted to achieve further correlation within the physical design.)  

The physical form of this part of the text involves a 60 digit binary code, arranged in a circular form with 30 vertical 'I's alternating with 30 horizontal '--'s, or ('0's).  The arrangement is such that the 30 horizontal '--'s visually create a continuous, unbroken circular form.  A circle thus created can represent two halves of a sinusoidal wave if cut across the centre, along a diameter, and the second half re-positioned such that the first end of its circumference continues on from the end of the circumference of the first half.  This is a very simple, unambiguous process to represent and a very simple form of a wave.

The object of the exercise is to try to identify some sort of a representation of the wavelength value of 3.9 cm. within this design.  The most obvious prospect is that this wavelength value is represented in the actual physical dimension (diameter or baseline) of the wave 'picture' described above.   


Actual diameter of circle / waveform


Internal     29.4m (smooth surface)     2940 cm / 3.9 cm     =     753.8     (ratio)


External    32m     (rough surface)        3200 cm / 3.9 cm     =     820.5    (ratio)  


Mean         30.7m                                      3070 cm / 3.9 cm     =     787.2     (ratio)   


(note that the results are ratios and do not require units.) 


Clearly 2 of these results are very close to the number form of the frequency value of 7686 obtained from the digital format of this very circle.  Reversing this sum as follows;-    768.6 x 3.9 = 2993.5 (cm?).  Or almost exactly 30 metres.  (30 metres falls well within the range above for the diameter, and closest to the interior measured diameter of 29.4 m.).  My original 'text' (the monument itself) is very old and badly damaged in places.  There is plenty of scope to argue about the precise dimension of the actual, intended diameter within very narrow limits.  It seems to me that a diameter of 30 metres that is within the group above, and so close to the mean and the interior dimension, confirms my suggestion that here is a physical dimension intended to underlie the calculated wavelength of 3.9 cm.  

It could be argued that the calculation is the result of using metric units of measurement that are a comparatively recent invention.  The value, here, of 768.6 is a ratio of two values of centimetres and does not, itself, need units. If I repeat the calculation using feet and inches, I get the same result. 

I.e.       30 metres x 39.375 inches  =  1181.25 inches

       3.9 centimetres x 2.54 inches  =  1.5354 inches  

                               1181.25 / 1.5354  =  769.3 (ratio)

                                                                  768.6  (frequency digits from binary code)


                                         Difference          0.7   (insignificant)

Therefore, in one circular device, as designed and formed, I have derived the two values of;--                  Frequency     7.68614.... GHz   

                     and          Wavelength   3.9 cm. 


How clever is that then?  Possibly a complete solution to the questions ;- 'Are we alone?' and, 'Is homo sapiens here on Earth the only source of intelligence in the Cosmos?' It appears that there is other external intelligence out there and that it has visited Earth in ancient times.  Furthermore, it left identification of its home star and directions to make contact at a time in our future when we are technologically capable.  Our search for external civilization signals appears to be close to success.  We only need to take heed of the information that they left us within our favourite national monument of Stonehenge.    




radio-b-p15  19-7-23.jpg



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